A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Dungeon World: Corpse Robber Compendium Class

Corpse Robber 1.0b

If you inducted into the secret and ancient order of the Corpse Robbers' Guild and anointed  with the oil from a burning Hand of Glory: 

You are a Corpse Robber. Your anointed eyes can see spirits of the dead, even when they would otherwise go invisible; when you ask the GM "What spirits of the dead or undead are present here?"  and you'll always get an honest answer

Once you've taken the moves above the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves you may choose from this list when you level up: 

Cloak of Gravedust You may assume the form of a zombie or other low level corporeal undead creature. In this form any "Gravedigger's Mark" is concealed and the undead will not generally attack. You may not use this move in daylight.

Treasure Seeker: You can cause tombs, crypts, graves or other burial sites with valuable treasure to light with St. Elmo's fire.You may not use this move in daylight.

Zombie Servant: You may animate a single Zombie Servant  to help you in your work.You may not use this move in daylight. It will fall to rotting pieces at sunrise.

Zombie Servant  (Construct, Terrifying)
Punch and gnaw (d4 damage) 6 HP
Special Qualities: Undead, Smells of Decay
A common or garden corpse reanimated with basic necromancy. Braindead servitor with little to offer in combat except its refusal to die. 
Instinct: To serve its creator

Gravedigger’s Mark: Intelligent Undead will speak with you respectfully with fear and may offer information or aid in exchange for being left in peace at the GM’s discretion. The “mark” usually takes the form of a glyph or symbol on your forehead visible only to the undead.

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