A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Friday, August 25, 2017

New Dungeon World Monster: Gloomwing & Larvae

Gloomwing (Solitary, Large, Stealthy, Planar)
Implant Eggs (d6 damage) 10 HP
Special Qualities: Charm, Flight
This immense moth has huge purple wings marked with spiraling black patterns that seem to shift and writhe.A gloomwing hunts for 2 to 3 hours at dawn and again for 2 to 3 hours at dusk, preferring to spend the remaining hours of the day hiding in abandoned buildings, caves, or deep canyons or foliage where the shadows are thickest. During its periods of activity, it flies through the sky on the hunt for creatures to attack and implant its eggs in—the gloomwing does not need to eat, leaving this urge to propagate its species as its primary drive.The eerie shifting of patterns on a gloomwing's wings is hypnotic—make a Defy Danger +DEX at or become charmed. This is a mind-affecting effect—gloomwings and tenebrous worms are immune to this effect.A gloomwing can lay eggs inside a small or larger helpless creature as a attack.Within 24 hours of a creature's death, 1d4 young tenebrous worms emerge from the corpse, devouring it completely in the process. The eggs can be destroyed via any effect that cures disease or magically heals.For all the dangers a gloomwing presents, it is the creature's young that pose the gravest threat. These creatures are known as tenebrous worms, and despite being the larval form of the adult gloomwing, are much more dangerous creatures. The fact that a gloomwing can lay several eggs a day if presented with enough living hosts makes them dangerous not for what they can inflict themselves, but for what they can spawn.
Instinct: Implant Eggs

Tenebrous Worm (Group, Tiny, Planar)
Acid bite (d6-2 damage)1 HP
Hand, Ignores Armor
Special Qualities: Paralytic poison, Melts flesh into shadows
This pallid worm clatters upon dozens of small legs. Writhing bristles twitch on its back, and its shadow seems strangely mobile.The caterpillar-like tenebrous worm is a voracious predator that hungers for mortal flesh. The tenebrous worm is the larval stage of the gloomwing—but in a strange reversal, these younger creatures are more dangerous than the adults they grow into. A tenebrous worm hatches from the corpse of an unfortunate creature that has been implanted with an egg by a gloomwing. The tenebrous worm is fully grown upon hatching, and immediately begins to scour its environs for flesh to consume.Although the tenebrous worm tends to be relatively pale-colored, its internal organs seethe and roil with shadowy energies and dark fluids. As the creature feeds, these shadowy innards begin to grow out of its body, forming strange bristle-like filaments of semisolid shadowstuff not only capable of piercing the flesh of those who would attack the worm, but also possessing a deadly paralytic poison. Additional shadowy fluids constantly seep from the worm's mandibles—when it bites prey, these fluids melt flesh into shadows that the creature can then consume. When a tenebrous worm feeds on enough of this shadowy flesh, the creature seeks out a secluded, shady area (typically just within a cave entrance or in a ruined building) and spins a shadowy cocoon around itself. A tenebrous worm's cocoon exudes the effects of a darkness spell, muting the surrounding light. After a period of several days, the cocoon tears open and a fully grown gloomwing emerges, ready to seek a host for its eggs.
Instinct: Consume

*Custom Rule: When first hit by a Tenebrous worm the player must Defy Danger+CON or become paralyzed until the party next makes camp.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Campaign Starter and Friends

Some ideas for the DM with players starting off to explore Jeremy Strandberg's wonderful Sapphire Islands Campaign Starter: https://goo.gl/W21vD5

Maybe the Island of the Lizard God is around here somewhere?: http://beholderpie.blogspot.com/2014/04/island-of-lizard-god.html

It has plenty of monsters: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_z2jviQ47OqUlRYczliLTFpclk/edit?usp=sharing
Thanks to Mark Chance

I know that my  Temple of the Shark God has surfaced somewhere nearby: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7cav44145d9RXRZZHBMQ2RIeGc/view?usp=sharing
and isn't the Island of the Apes https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7cav44145d9bWRSd2o1eG1rTXM/view?usp=sharing also in the general vicinity?

Isn't the Tomb of the Pirate Priest also around there somewhere? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_dDnQ_810l9VFpkWjEtaEJyc2M/view?usp=sharing

Happy Sailing!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

For Bridget...The Dungeon World "It"

It, also known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown or Bob Gray (Solitary, Stealthy, Magical, Intelligent, Planar, Terrifying)
Claws or Bite (d12 damage)12 HP, 0 armor
Special Qualities: Shapeshifter, Charms, Regenerates and can only be killed by magic or magic weapons

A monster of unknown origins, It originated before the creation of the universe itself in a dimension that is referred to as the "Macroverse"; the true form of It is a mass of destructive orange lights known as the "deadlights". It usually takes the form of a clown named Pennywise, which It uses as a decoy when stalking a child. It takes the form of a monstrous black spider in its home under the sewers, where It is revealed to be pregnant.The monster arrived on Earth in the form of an asteroid during prehistory. It awoke, fed on the settlers, and started a cycle of hibernation, in which It would sleep for almost three decades and be awake for approximately two years. Every time its hibernation stage finished, events of extreme violence happened. To feed on its prey, It transforms into the shape of whatever the victim most fears. Instilling this fear, the creature informs readers, is the equivalent of "salting the meat". It could feed on adults just as easily as children, but it preferred children because their fears were easier to embody into a single shape, making hunting easier.It has a variety of powers that include the ability to shapeshift, manipulate, regenerate and go unnoticed by adults. Coming face to face with the deadlights true form can drive any living being instantly insane, and It may only be killed by magic or magic weapons.

Instinct: Consume fearful children

Custom Move: If IT assumes its true form roll +Wisdom; 10+ your O.K.; 7-9 take -1 forward on all rolls directed against IT from now on and if 6 or less you are insane and flee gibbering until you next make camp.

My 15 seconds of fame last year...

                  What Should I Be On the Lookout For? Mark Tygart’s Dungeon Starters (04:37)

                  My Dungeon Starters: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7cav44145d9OXZFNjNpWFdBRFU

                                                      A Great Dungeon World podcast!

New Monster of the Week Mystery:La Llorona

Is She Weeping for You?


Sunday, August 6, 2017

Moon is a Mirror Dungeon Word Conversion

I love one page dungeons.

I love Michael Prescott's one page or more dungeons ("adventure locations").

I love Dungeon World.

Here are my conversion notes of Michael Prescott's "The Moon is a Mirror" for Dungeon World:


Michael Prescott's adventure is here:


Happy Delving!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Undead Troll

Undead TrollSolitary, Devious, Terrifying
Talons (d8 damage)12 HP1 armor
Special Qualities: Regenerates all damage except acid and fire, Touch causes paralysis in non-elves

Actually a rare form of ghoul; an undead troll is a troll victim of ghoul attack that arises after death as an undead monster that can only be "slain" by fire or acid. Undead trolls do hate sunlight which causes them great pain and suffering without killing them. A single monster has been known to devour a whole village in the course of an evening. Reasonably intact victims of an undead troll will arise after death as ghouls.

Instinct: Devour the living!