A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Roses “Hawklord2112” Kingston's Dungeon World Grick

Inspired / enthused by +Mark Tygart​​'s Grell post...
Another of my favourite 3e mobs, The Grick
Small, subterranean, Mindless, Hunter
6hp, 1 Armour
SQ: unharmed by unenchanted weapons.
Barbed Tentacles, b(2d4)
Instincts: hide and Eat

Grick are aberrant, a cross of slug, squid and nightmare. Silent in motion, able to stick to walls and ceilings, and to create burrows in most types of rock.
Usually solitary but every so often Grick will swarm together, gorge themselves on whatever they can find, then spawn and lay thousands of eggs.
Grick are blind, chemotactile and use a form of magical spatial perception to locate prey.
* drop from above
* stalk silently
* shred armour with tentacles

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dungeon World Grell

GrellSolitary, Large, Intelligent, Hoarder, Planar
Tentacle grab (d12 damage)16 HP0 armor
Close, Ignores Armor
Special Qualities: Paralyzing Tentacles, Flight

Grell are fearsome alien predators who exist only to devour other living beings. These aberrations divide all creatures into two categories, the eaters and the eaten, and humans fall into the latter. Grell resemble a bloated flying jellyfish. Their gray-green mass is covered in folds and wrinkles and appears like nothing so much as an enormous brain with a hard bony beak. The creatures have no eyes, instead perceiving the world by receiving sound waves and electrical impulses through their skin, which functions as a single huge ear. A grell is immune to gaze attacks, visual effects, illusions, and other attack forms that rely on sight. A grell’s body is naturally buoyant. This buoyancy allows it to fly at a speed of 30 feet. This buoyancy also grants it a permanent feather fall effect (as the spell) with personal range.A grell has ten pink or purple prehensile tentacles with retractable barbs that inject a paralytic toxin. Sages hypothesize that the creatures spread from world to world by planar travel, either through magical portals or the Vale of Shadows. Grell have no ambitions of conquest or slavery, desiring only food, making a grell a purely local problem, but left unchecked it can represent a plague of predation capable of depopulating an entire area. 

Instinct: Devour humans

*Paralyze with a touch
*Grapple with tentacles
*Disappear into shadows

New Dungeon World Product: In Search of an Unknown Adventure

Way back in 1978, Mike Carr wrote a module for Dungeons and Dragons, the first module ever printed for the game. This classic module was called In Search of the Unknown, and it included tips for GMs, sample characters, rules for hirelings and henchmen, and was designed to be as flexible as possible. Rooms were largely left for the GM to stock with treasure and monster, and a list of suggestions was given at the end for the GM to tailor to their wishes.

The module is fondly remembered as a great introduction to the game of Dungeons and Dragons and in many ways could be described as a precursor to Marshall Miller’s now classic Dungeon Starter format for Dungeon World. It along with Dyson Logos’ release of his copy-write free (Creative Commons License) “Requasqueton” map inspired this super-sized starter.

I wrote a draft in hospital waiting rooms hoping for a happy holidays for my family. I'm glad to say, for now at least, wishes do sometimes come true.

Now go kill some monsters.

Friday, November 10, 2017

New Monster-of-the-Week Mystery

The Meenlocks Want You!


 Comments, feedback and War stories are all welcome...

They would like to join you for Thanksgiving Dinner...

Group, Small, Devious, Intelligent, Terrifying
Chitinous pincers (d8 damage)
6 HP
1 armor
Special Qualities: Horrid alien features, Telepathy

Meenlocks are two-foot tall, bipedal creatures with horrid, insect-like features that are covered in black, shaggy fur. They live in small groups (no more than 5 to a group) in underground caves. The mere sight of a meenlock can cause low-level intelligent creatures to collapse in fear, their touch causes paralysis. If a meenlock lair is disturbed, the occupants will silently follow the responsible party and wear down a single member (chosen generally at random, although humans and paladins will be given priority) with a continual low-level telepathic assault that manifests as whispered voices, strange noises, and other phenomena only perceived by the chosen target. When their weakened prey beds down for the night, the meenlocks will attempt to paralyze them (killing anyone else who resists), carry them back to their lair while still alive, and turn them into another meenlock through a short, gruesome procedure.

Instinct: Protect the tribe

  • Touch causes paralysis
  • Telepathic assault
  • Relentless

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sky-Blind Spire Dungeon World Conversion Notes

Here are my long delayed Dungeon World conversion notes for Michael Prescott's wonderful The Sky-Blind Spire adventure location: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_RdhNKkWbTJWRogy3MuS_W06m3a-i_MM

Here is his adventure: http://blog.trilemma.com/2016/04/the-sky-blind-spire.html

Happy adventuring!

As always feedback, war stories and general comments are deeply appreciated.