A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Friday, May 20, 2016

New Dungeon World Monster: Devourer

Devourer (Solitary, Stealthy, Planar)
Sword (d10 damage 1 piercing) 12 HP, 5 armor
Close, Near

The Devourers are a race of rapacious alien merchants whose only purpose is to sell trash and reap huge profits. They set up shop in large urban areas and, using their potent powers of illusion, persuade the populace that they are selling fabulous treasures at bargain rates. The Devourers originate in a parallel universe, but they have spread to numerous other worlds, bankrupting them and ransacking their wealth. In their true form, Devourers resemble large iron statues, something like iron golems. Their illusionary powers allow them to appear as anything and anyone they desire (usually the most inoffensive and naive salesman imaginable, for example). Their illusions cannot be dispelled, they can only be penetrated by magical means.

Instinct: Bankrupt

Sell trash and reap huge profits
Cast Illusions
Makes trash appear valuable

Inspired by Fritz Leiber's classic Lankmar tale "Bazarre of the Bizarre"

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