A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Monster-of-the-Week Mystery Ideas

A Romantic Meal
The hunters are called in to handle a hostage situation of an occult nature. Seems a mobster and his second wife are being held hostage by a ghoul (see MotW Rulebook) formerly his first wife. Her demands? That his marriage to the new woman is nullified and her marriage vows be renewed. If her demands are met, she kills the husband and then rushes the hunters, yelling: "I'll be coming back for dinner soon, hubby!"
The New Pet
One of the hunter’s elderly aunts has the player’s over for dinner. She is eager to show off the new “puppy” she acquired in Mexico; which is really a Chupacabra (see MotW Rulebook).
Death Wish meets Captain America?
The hunters are called in to handle a hunt for a “superhero” vigilante known as “Black Flame” who is clearing out the slums in the manner of the Punisher (he kills criminals indiscriminately) but he is always careful to reduce is victims to ash after death. The reason? Black Flame is actually a Classic Vampire (see MotW Rulebook) dedicated to crime fighting. Do the hunters “stake” the city’s violent savior? Or join him as crime fighting thralls?
Uhul Bound
The hunters are called in to investigate a recently deceased occultist’s secret library. In the library the hunters will find Uhul (see MotW Rulebook) bound in a Pentagram inscribed on the floor. Uhul will happily make any deal possible to be released into this world, but then the world is in real trouble. If banished the Demon promises all manner of eventual payback for the hunters and the “Big Magic” ritual is expensive, difficult and may require a number of adventures. Of course leaving Uhul bound in the study isn’t a safe option either…
Knock, Knock
A vrykolakas (see MotW Rulebook) knocks on one of the hunter’s doors, by mistake. However the curse still operates if the hunter opens the door.
Mongolia’s Exports
The hunters decide to visit a pet story just when an order of Mongolian Death Worms (see MotW Rulebook) are delivered by mistake. Question for surviving players: Who is supplying the world with Mongolian Death Worms?

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