A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Friday, March 18, 2016

Monster-of-the-Week Monster: Star Trek Salt Vampire

Star Trek Salt Vampire

Description: A terrible shape shifting alien vampire
Type: Devourer
Power: Shape shifting and Salt Draining bite
Weakness: Attacker must roll versus illusions to harm
Attack: 1 Harm Strike with Fists/Bite or Salt Drain Grip  
Harm Capacity: 7

The Salt Vampire, or M-113 creature, is the unofficial nickname given to a sapient species which once inhabited planet M-113. This creature is notable for requiring extremely large quantities of salt, specifically sodium chloride, to live. It can remove salt directly through the skin of other beings using the sucker-like structures on its fingers, a process which usually results in the death of the victim. Also noteworthy are the creature's illusory shape shifting abilities. Although it cannot physically change its appearance, it can use telepathy to project an illusion into the minds of those around it, making it appear like any person it wants.

The Salt Vampire is a humanoid being about 1.5 meters tall. It has brownish skin and long white and purple fur covering its whole body, except for its face and hands. Its yellowed eyes and the deep folds on its face give it a distinctly sad appearance. It also has a tubular mouth equipped with sharp, needle-like teeth. The creature uses this mouth for consuming salt and probably other food sources as well. However, it also has three long fingers on each hand, each finger sporting three suckers similar to those found on the tentacles of Earth's cephalopods. These suckers are used by the creature to extract salt directly through the skin of a living victim, which is usually killed in the process.

In spite of its beast-like appearance and behavior, the Salt Vampire is actually a sapient and highly intelligent being. Its home planet, M-113, is currently a desolate desert world filled with ruins of an ancient civilization.

When you attack a Salt Vampire; roll +Weird;                                                                                        • On a 10+, you resist the Salt Vampire’s illusions. You may attack as normal.                                        
• On a 7-9, you resist the Salt Vampire’s illusions but are confused and must take a -1 on all moves directed against the Salt Vampire.
 • On a miss, you are confused by the Salt Vampire’s illusions and may not make any hostile move toward it.

When a character is being drained by a Salt Vampire; roll +Tough;
• On a 10+, you resist the Salt Vampire’s grip. No further rolls are necessary. You are free!
• On a 7-9, you continue to resist but remain in the vampire’s grip and you move one level down the Salt Drain Countdown.
• On a miss, you move two levels down the Countdown.

Salt Drain Grip Countdown:
Day: The Salt Vampire takes hold of the hunter and the he or she is immobilized by pain
Shadows: The player screams horribly.
Dusk: The hunter receives 1 Harm.The player screams horribly.
Sunset: The hunter receives 3 Harm.The player screams horribly.
Nightfall: The hunter can no longer scream and is unconscious.
Midnight: The character is killed and drained of all salt by the Salt Vampire.

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