A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Friday, October 16, 2015

New Dungeon World Compendium Class: Dunsany Dreamer

Dunsany Dreamer
If you travel to the Dreamlands and return safely; converse with a tribe of Zoogs uneaten or read the scared scrolls of Hypnos and are not driven mad you may take the following move when you next level up:

Astral Projection                                                          
When you project your mind from your body choose two to describe your mind’s form (it’s always insubstantial):
•  It’s invisible
•  It moves quickly
•  Its senses are not clouded
Your mental form can roam the physical world for as long as you like. While it does your body lies comatose. While in your mental form you have no access to your body’s senses.
Once you've taken "Astral Projection," the following moves count as class moves for you. In addition to your normal list of moves you may choose from this list when you level up:

There is no Spoon
You have a ward that is proof against arcane magic. This could be something you wear, like a bracelet or an amulet, or it could be a procedure of limited duration—a potion you prepare, symbols painted on
your skin, etc. When you are targeted by magic while under the protection of your ward, roll+CON.
On a 10+, you are unaffected by the magic.
On a 7-9, you can either suffer the effect to a lesser degree or
exhaust yourself and mark debility of your choice.

Life is Just a Dream
When you take your Last Breath, Death will always offer you a bargain, even on a 6-. If you don't keep your end of it, you'll still live, but Death will claim your soul the next time you are reduced to 0 HP.

Knowledge From Dreams
When a subject evokes the hazy memory of a portentous dream, you can sprout lore with WIS instead of INT.

Imaginary Friend
Your contract grants you dominion over a summoned Dreamlands creature. It is a Hireling that
follows your orders to the best of its abilities, describe it.
Choose a base:
* Protector +1, Warrior +2, Loyalty +2
* Adept +2, Priest +1, Loyalty +2
* Burglar +1, Tracker +2, Loyalty +2
* Minstrel +2, Warrior +1, Loyalty +2

If it dies or is otherwise unavailable, it summons itself to your side on the next sunset, alive and unharmed.

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