A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Monday, December 12, 2016

New Dungeon World Monsters inspired by J.E. Holmes "Maze of Peril"

Dagonite PriestSolitary, Magical, Intelligent
Warps reality (d8 damage)12 HP0 armor

A human priest of the Cult of Dagon, now touched by the madness of the Old Ones. 

Instinct: Corrupt
  • Transform Human Cultists into Dagonites
  • Serve the Cult of Dagon (Cthulhu)
  • Command Dagonites
  • Spread Madness

DagoniteGroup, Small, Construct
Trident (d6 damage)3 HP0 armor
Special Qualities: Human transformed by Dagonite Priest, Slave Capturing Nets, Cannabalistic, Aquatic

A worshipper of Dagon (Cthulhu) transformed by a Dagonite Priest in a foul ritual into a sterile servitor slave race of frog-fish men. Dagonites will go insane if their controlling creator Dagonite Priest is killed. Some (50%) will then attack everything in sight in a berserker rage (+1 to all attacks) including each other while others (50%) mindlessly flee. If any survive long enough they will return to human form now loathing the Cult and its entire works. Recovered humans can never be transformed again but retain their gills and ability to breathe water. A distant, lesser cousin to true Deep Ones or the Underdark's Kuo-Toas; Dagonites are used as cannon fodder in the Cult of Dagon's War against the Amazons and the Cult's pirate raids and slavery operations.

Instinct: Devour Infidels
  • Worship Dagon
  • Obey your Priest Master
  • Capture Slaves
  • Hope the world will end

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