A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Monday, December 19, 2016

A Few Monsters More...

Magical ChestSolitary, Small, Stealthy, Hoarder, Construct
Toothy Lid (w[2d8] damage)8 HP1 armor
Special Qualities: Arcane Construct, Full of Tricks, Liar
A minor arcane created mimic; the enchanted chest is enhanced with intelligence and arcane tricks; it will do anything to prevent loss of the treasure within but will choose lies over violence.

Instinct: To keep precious contents safe
  • Scuttle off when touched
  • Lead party to trap
  • Wail to attract other dungeon denizens
  • Pour forth flaming oil (2d6 dmg)
  • Spew smog
  • Send party on useless quest
  • Liar

Alchemical OozeSolitary, Stealthy, Amorphous
Acidic Grab (d8 damage)12 HP
Special Qualities: Steals voices, Shapeshifts,Amorphous
Formed from accumulations of runoff from arcane laboratories and regions of magical calamity, alchemical oozes are a sort of weak cousin to the true doppelganger. Briefly able to assume a human shape and mimic the voice of previous victims the ooze will seek to lure a meal to a dark, secluded spot and dine on the poor fool. Children or lost maidens are a favorite lure. Alchemical Oozes gain the voices of previous victims but are cunning as opposed to intelligent. 

Instinct: Dissolve flesh!
  • Arcane accident
  • Can mimic human shape and voice
  • Always hungry

Mechanical HydraSolitary, Large, Construct
Rends with metal teeth (d10+2 damage)20 HP2 armor
Special Qualities: Breathes steam, Arcane Construct
This steampunk horror was designed to mimic the fearsome magical hydra;its mechanic nature prevents regrowing heads but allows its three heads to breathe scalding steam (1d8) on victims. Rumored to have been invented by the infamous Engineer Ferremesz. 

Instinct: Obey master
  • Breathes steam
  • Each head gets attack
  • Slow and noisy

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