A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Monster (from Dan Simmons' The Terror)

TuunbaqSolitary, Large, Planar
Bite (b[2d12] damage)20 HP1 armor
The Tuunbaq is a Inuit Demon, a devourer of souls and eater of flesh. The Tuunbaq is encountered as a large polar bear with an extended if not elongated neck, and is impervious to non-magical weapons.The Tuunbaq can be pacified by the throat singing of a sixam ieua (Inuit shaman), rendering it as close to docile as it can be made.

Instinct: Consumes souls
  • Haunts
  • Ancient Demon of Frozen Wastes
  • Players killed by Tuunbaq may not be restored

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