A Cat of Tindalos

A Cat of Tindalos

Monday, December 14, 2015

New Monster

Byakhee                                                                                         Group, Planar
Claws (d10+2 damage 1 piercing)            10 HP                                 1 Armor
Close, Far

Byakhee are interstellar predators that travel the vacuum of space by means of an organ called a "hune". This organ, located in the thorax of the creature, allows the creature to greatly surpass the speed of light by unknown means. The creature can also survive the interstellar vacuum unaided. If one had the means by which to survive the myriad threats space presents, than one could ride a Byakhee to anywhere in the cosmos. When travelling beyond the speed of light, the creature's metabolism is greatly increased. When descending to the surface of any given planet, it is usually to feed; it is best avoided. While on the earth's surface, Byakhee can fly at speeds up to 70 kph. The "hune" also allows them to hover on a planet's surface, using their wings for movement.

Instinct: Swoop!

Creature of the Void
Often serves Cthulhu Mythos Masters (Hastur)

Summon and Bind Byakhee for a Journey Ritual (Wizard)
Used for interstellar flight on the back of byakhee (with space mead)
Roll + Wisdom:
On a 10+ You arrive safely at your destination
7-9: You arrive near your destination
6 or less: You arrive at a location of the the Byakhee's choice.
You're in trouble.

Space Mead : A drug which places its users into a state of suspended animation. Used for interstellar flight on the backs of byakhee.

This particular recipe for Space Mead is particularly refined, primarily created with the use of giant moth pheromones, gorgon eyes , and whatever else you might like to imagine. This produces a fine, pinkish powder. When a dose of about 500 mgs is mixed with alcohol, a "dose" is created. This recipe was developed alchemist who discovered the original recipe in Golden Goblin version of Nameless Cults, which he purchased expecting hobgoblin erotica.

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